About Us

Supreme Leader:

By the grace of Allah, with the guidance of Allah, with the help of the divine invisible, and pure prayers and the spiritual guidance of the greatest custodian of Almighty, people of Iran could raise the Islamic civilization in the world once again and build the structure with the greatness of the Islamic civilization. This is your definite future. The youth should prepare themselves for this great movement. Let the forces of the faithful and sincere, target this goal.
In realizing the above meaning, it is necessary to use the innate powerful capacities such as “Love of  Hussein AS,  and The Promised savior,  with a precise understanding of epistemological and faith issues, and with a collective determination towards the school and ideal slogans of His Holiness, to seek heavenly victory, attract the societies, captivate the hearts of the earthlings, increase the capacity for national, regional, international and supra-religious harmony, and facilitate and accelerate the apocalyptic movement towards the promised emergence of the savior of nations according to the following framework:

1- Our mission: Using the capacity of the “unifier of hearts” movements to create an “elite consensus” in the world, to fulfill the “covenant to the promised of the Ummah” and “hastening the emergence”

2- Perspective: The connection of the world elites with the “divine attractive scents” and the divine guide, especially the great phenomenon of the “Arbaeen”, during the following stages: “observation and discovery”, “cognition and explanation”, “accompanying , and accompaniment”, in line with the targeted mission over a 10 years period.

3- Policy-making and strategy: Creating and deepening the elites’ discourse, based on “innate and rightful principles”, for the realization of the “scientific school”,”art, media, social …” revelations, especially the Arbaeen in the world, as well as the creation of style models in order to prepare for the reappearance!

4- Basic measures: Realization of “ambience”, “current-making”, “networking” and announcing and applying a single global position, based on the universal values of Imam Hussein and preparation of the Mahdavi society, using different scientific, artistic, media, social … with the annual “production, presentation and supply” of the elites to Imam AS.

By the grace of God, the Institute of Strategic and Cultural Studies of the Companions of Al-Hussein in recent years, according to the aforementioned issues, in order to explain and chart the future of the virtuous front, and through futurology based on the Qur’an and Ahl albait, its studies in the fields of Qur’anic studies, Ahl albayt narrations, has started civilization, cultural, social,… studies and by using the capacity of domestic and foreign public institutions and benefiting from the community of experts, to develop and promote the thinking and Quranic culture and Ahl Albeit in the form of various scientific and cultural programs for different segments of society, especially on academics and elites.

Also, considering the great event of Arbaeen as “the largest gathering in the world” and considering the great masses of Shiites and pious companions in association with NoorAlHussaini (AS), and the study of this blessed phenomenon in recent years, this institute has studied Arbaeen AlHussaini and has made it one of his main topics. In this regard, the most important programs and services formed from this collection are as follow:

Holding Quranic free-thinking independent chairs, focusing on the future, culture, art, media, etc.
Holding over 300 conferences, specialized scientific meetings and Arbaeeni think tanks
Holding three national conferences, From Ghadir to Arbaeen, in the spiritual capital of Iran, Holy Mashhad.
Holding seven international congresses of, Pledge with Hussein(AS), and Facing Imam Hussein(AS),  in the region especially in Iraq.
Organizing and compiling written, artistic and media outputs related to the above mentioned programs.
Launching Arbaeen Epistemological and Scientific Headquarters (Ayat Noor).
Hoping, all these would be accepted in the presence of our magnificent Solomon and would be accepted in the presence of our magnificent Solomon and would expedite his appearance, God willing.