The poster of the 8th Arbaeen International Congress was unveiled in Mashhad

The words “Imam Gharib” by Hossein Bahrami

According to the Fars news agency from Mashhad, Hojjatoleslam Saeed Isfahanian in a press conference; unveiling of the poster of the 8th Arbaeen International Congress, which was held in the meeting hall of Ferdows Higher Education Institute, said: We entered Arbaeen with a civilization approach view And we went from self-construction to civilization building.

The head of the Arbaeen epistemological staff described the activities in this congress and explained: “In the first year, we studied various topics about civilization.”

In the second year, we covered the Qur’anic and narrative issues with the focus on the Ummah in the Qur’an, And the title that we chose this year in collaboration with the scientific committee was: “Arbaeen, Ummah and Islamic Civilization” with a special look at the 2nd phase of the revolution.

He continued: The second step of the revolution means the serious movement of our great society towards the world, a progressive and networked movement, striving to eliminate the shortcomings of the past; It is a move to correct previous gaps.

Isfahanian added: “Arbaeen, Islamic Ummah and Civilization” approach, which will be the focus of about 10 university campuses and science centers in Khorasan in five specialized panels this year, and the Arbaeen axis “From ideal to reality” as one of these axes in a panel sponsored by the Ferdowsi university will move forward.

The head of the Arbaeen epistemological scientific staff elaborated on the axis of “Arbaeen, the Ummah and the martyrs of the resistance” and explained: This axis will be organized under the auspices of the Academic Resistance Front and this week they will hold the second pre-meeting related to this plan. This axis is one of the most important axes that express the dimensions of the resistance front in the high level of Ummah and its capacity.

He said: “The other axis of” Arbaeen, Ummah, Islamic Civilization “is centered on the statement of the second step of the revolution, which the view on this statement is not a political and governmental view and is a scientific view on it. Isfahanian stated. We consider the statement of the second step of the revolution as a medal of honor for the people of the Right (Haq) Front, and if this statement is seen as Shiite and governmental, it would weaken it.

The head of the Arbaeen epistemological scientific staff mentioned “hope” as the gravity center of this statement and said: “The driving force to reach the Mahdavi community is “hope”.  The statement has a rosary thread and it is “self-construction, socialization and civilization”, to go beyond oneself and deal with society and see the long horizon, to change the situation towards an ideal society with a long view of civilization.

He continued: “In the fourth panel, we will have the cultural and artistic capacity of art teachers in the field of” Arbaeen, Islamic civilization, art and media “. Here, too, they have seen the various disciplines of art in three general topics, with a serious and in-depth look at the capacity of the Arbaeen over the years, and have entered into discussions about art and how they can draw a model of deep epistemological topics.

Isfahanian added: The fifth panel is the epistemological studies in Arbaeen domain with the focus on Quranic verses and narrations, and such dialogues are organized on the basis of fundamental studies. The head of the Arbaeen epistemological scientific staff stated: The more focus is on the scientific aspect in this domain, the easier would be to live in it and the more serious interactions are organized, and our effort is to have a link between the scientific and popular interaction.

Regarding the outputs of this center and its activities, he said: The first output of the collection was to activate a serious study by a group of professors in different fields in the Arbaeeni atmosphere, with a scientific emphasis within the phenomenon.

Isfahanian added: “The second output was to enable ourselves to consider the Arbaeen as an efficient model for the daily Husseini life and Arbaeeni style, and a group of these professors have focused on this.

If we gather around these atmospheres of intimacy and make the covenant with the Imamate as the focus of our work, God will turn the absence of Imam into emergence, and our main goal in the Congress is to be able to have a scientific movement around this bonding phenomenon which is opening a channel to emergence.

The head of the Arbaeen epistemological scientific headquarter stated: If the Islamic society intends to go from the dark state of great absence to the laminated state of the Mahdavi era, it must go from individuality to large scale popularity. The first step was taken by the Late Imam with the Islamic revolution. And the second step seems to be determined by God Almighty with the Arbaeen streamline. In response to the question of where the headquarters’ budget is financed, he said: “We are non-governmental organizations and we have not used any government budgets and have started working with the popular support.  Isfahanian also added: “In the Arbaeen headquarters, we believe that in daily activities, special attention should be paid to the divine phenomena, because part of the divine guidance has reached us through scenes and phenomena of the day and night; If we ignore the divine scenes, it means that we have paid little attention in guidance of the Thaghalain(Quran and the Prophet Ahlul-Beit).

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