The specialized session on “The Quranic Ummah and the Characteristics of its Rule and Civilization” was held in the series of specialized sessions of the 7th Arbaeen Congress at the Research Institute of Islamic Sciences and Culture in Qom.

Opening of the 7th Arbaeen Congress of the Pledge with Hussein (AS) and the meeting of Hussein (AS).
Dr. Rashid Al-Rashed

in the name of God
Seventh Arbaeen International Congress “The pledge with Hussein (pbuh)” and “Meeting Hussein (pbuh)”
Saturday: 15/10/2020 Hours: 12:30 to 14:30
Second day of meeting / Qom; Research Institute of Islamic Sciences
At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Najaf Lakzaei, Director of Qom Institute of Islamic Sciences and Culture, after greetings and blessings to God and the noble Imams, and welcoming to all honorable attendants and also condolences on the occasion of Arbaeen; wishing God Almighty to lift this deprivation of pilgrimage that we are suffering from this year, and to make the pilgrimage possible again. God willing!

He started his discussion with the title of “Arbaeen and Quranic rule with emphasis on the criteria of endurance” and stated that: “God Almighty also said to the Messenger of God, (pbuh):” So stand up as you are commanded”, and commanded perseverance, including the islamic Ummah.
In fact, the principle of the philosophy of the uprising of Imam Hussain(as) and his non-allegiance to Yazid and acceptance of martyrdom, is that he want to prevent a kind of rule that is equal to the destruction of Islam and by sacrificing his life and the lives of his children, brothers and families, would protect Islam.
In the end, he said: We ask God Almighty to be able to participate in this ceremony and hold it with glory by removing the Corona pandemic in fuure years and to always be in the service of God, Islam, the Messenger of God and the Ahl al-Bayt (as).

Following, Hojjatoleslam Dr. Mehdi Omidi, a member of the faculty of Imam Khomeini Educational-Research Institute and associate professor of the Department of Political Science and a member of the Scientific Council of the Department of Civilization Studies addressed his topic entitled “Nation building and the requirements of the human caliphate”
He explained the preliminary issue of human rule and the caliphate system, based on human governance and nation-building based on this approach as follows: The task of voluntarily regulation of man’s quadruple relations with God, nature, himself and other human beings is harder, since in addition to divine formative sovereignty, the caliphate also has sovereignty from the legislative aspect.

If liberalism voted for the separation of religion from social issues, and if Marxism called religion the opium of the masses, Islamic rule must in its historical objectivity show an embodiment of efficient, populist, scientific, progressive, moral and virtuous, transcendence, just, powerful and honorable image. The main path of Islamic rule, should be nation-centered and civilized, and to move on the basis of monotheism and servitude, which has its prerequisit.
At the end, Hojjatoleslam Dr. Omidi concluded his discussion as follows: It seems that if we consider the dimensions of the legislative and formative caliphate and express this Qur’anic view, we will definitely would have a society whose approach is Islamic and civilized base. At the same time, its effort is to bring human talents to the forefront and to meet the natural, legislative and developmental needs of humanity.

In the next part of the program, Hojjatoleslam Dr. Izadehi began his discussion under the title of , “Arbaeen and the Modern Islamic Civilization indicators”.
Symbolism is emphasized in Islam. Hajj is mainly called the symbol of Islam, in which people gather in similar ranks and with specific acts and performing rituals. If Mecca, the Kaaba, and the Hajj are the symbols of Islam, and all Muslims of all colors, races, languages, and religions come together and move with a single goal, then Arbaeen is also a symbol that all servants of God, regardless of racial or racial differences, doctrine and even religious, come together and follow a single movement.

If we want to set up a model for the Islamic Ummah with a focus on Shiite doctrine, other than the issue of Hajj, which is one of the serious Shiite rituals; It is the approach of Arbaeen that includes characteristics such as highly proportionate order, continuous round the clock movement, being popular, anti-oppression, justice-oriented, cooperative, and at the same time moving with Arbaeeni-spiritual-centered, and not material-centered, bearing the burden of hardships.
When the Islamic Revolution was presented by the late Imam, it took place in a form called the Islamic Republic, with the good reception of the people and was considered as the shell and main land of the Islamic Revolution and expanded the literature of the Islamic Revolution, and this litrature was not limited to that shell, and with the divine assistance of Allah, almighty was propogated throughout the world.

At the end, Dr. Jamali made a statement on the issue of Arbaeen and noted that the Arbaeen event should be included under the Ashura and the Ashura incident should be included under the movement of the Holy Prophet of Islam, in establishing an Islamic governance. He added that we are seriously facing a historical philosophy vacuum. We must know the position of Ashura properly and what Ashura is doing. We must also master the Islamic civilization plan, which has been highly emphasized by the Supreme Leader.

The next issue is what is the turning point of Ashura, which many nations have found new equilibriums? In response to this question, it should be said: The realization of Mahdavi nation needed an element that would shape a great event of emergence, and that is the Ashura of Imam Hussein(as). From this perspective, in addition to creating a spiritual transformation among the people, Arbaeen has formed new puzzles which is breaking all the previous equations. It forms a human being who is selfless and puts others before himself. It has created a strange being. Look at the Iraqis; who are competing over providing service to the pilgrims.

At the end, he summed up his content as follows: We should examine the Arbaeen under Ashura and the spiritual transformation, and how the Arbaeen is transforming the people on a service oriented sphere, who also stands tall in the face of ISIS and American Islam and also forming a new faithful life which is the prelude to Mahdavi life, and all of this requires futurism and study on an enormous capacity base.
In the end, the congress organizers thanked the honorable professors who decorated the meeting with their valuable statements and speeches, and the meeting ended with the recitation of Salawat on the prophet Muhammad(PBUH) and his infallible family.

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