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My three-year hero, Hazrat Roghayeh

Introducing Imam Hussein (AS) to the world is certainly considered one of the best actions for the good of humanity and the emergence of a savior, and the use of art and media is the strongest tool for this purpose. Today, it is safe to say that music is one of the most popular art forms in the world, which has an undeniable impact on societies, especially young people. The use of this powerful tool is a field that has so far been devoid of pure religious thought and has often been in the hands of rotten and worldly thoughts.

After the Supreme Leader’s important letter to the Western youth, known as letter4u, the Veter Art Group decided to produce musical works in English, focusing on the tastes of the young Western audience, after many ups and downs. The first work in the series, After You, was released under the artistic name Vetr.

The story of Karbala and the conversation of the companions with Imam Hussein (AS) on the night of Ashura is the subject of this English song. The idea was taken from one of the repetitive prayers of Master Panahian about Hazrat Aba al-Fazl (AS) and in the production stages he was able to benefit from his opinions in terms of content.

The song “My Three-Year-Old Hero”, the second English work of “Veter” group, was released with the theme of Imam Hussein (AS) ‘s three-year-old daughter.

The soundtrack of my three-year-old hero

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